Southeast CAC May 14, 2015 Minutes

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The monthly meeting of the Southeast CAC was held on Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Barwell Road Community Center.

Chair Tim Sit opened meeting with greetings to everyone.

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources report was given by Assistant Director Matt Johnston. He reported that Worthdale Center is now open to the public. Summer Camp program will commence on June 15 for ages 6-11. He updated attendees on programs at Barwell and announced that survey results are to be completed in a week or so.

Raleigh Police report was given by Officer Roderick Lee who reported that residential burglaries continue to be up. He shared that some break-ins were the results of children who have friends over to visit, who case out the house, and return to burglarize it; (2) everyone was cautioned to lock car doors when exiting vehicle and not leave valuables in view of passersby; (3) communities and/or neighborhoods having summer events were asked to make request of RPD in advance since there are so many events taking place.

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation report was given by Chris Boyd who shared: (1) when using window AC units, residents should make certain that dwelling is wired for AC unit; otherwise, those not compatible to wiring can cause fires; (2) carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in homes just like smoke detectors; (3) batteries in both carbon monoxide and fire detectors should be checked and changed regularly.

Rock Quarry Road Family Medicine Expansion presentation was given by Priscilla Washington, Chief Executive Officer and Adam Hartzell, Development & Strategy Officer of Wake Health Services. Construction has begun on the new building, located adjacent to the current Rock Quarry Road Family Medicine site at 1001 Rock Quarry Road. It is expected to be completed in early Fall 2015.

Ms. Washington stated that their mission is to deliver quality, compassionate primary healthcare to every patient, every time –in response to the needs of this community.

There are currently six locations in Wake County. In 2015, Wake Health Services will embark on the biggest expansion in its 43-year history: a 35,000 square foot Community Health Center in Southeast Raleigh. The new $13 million center will provide expanded health, pharmacy and dental services.

The Center has a $2 million campaign goal and has already secured a $450,000 matching grant from Wake County with a $500,000 allocation from the Board of Trustees. The City Transportation Department has been asked to erect a bus stop out front of the building. Low income and elderly patients will be offered assistance to get to facility.

CAC & Community Concerns

Chair Tim Sit reported that representatives for Circle K being built on Poole and Sunnybrook roads were not doing a presentation at the meeting since issue was resolved prior to meeting. Circle K withdrew their petition to be open 24 hours.

LED lights have been installed on Jones Sausage Road

CAC T-shirts, pens and binders are in negotiations with Jonathan and others

Councilman Eugene Weeks:

  • Emphasized the importance of the Wake Health Services building and that the number of patients have increased over time
  • Will follow up on lighting on Maybrook and New Hope Road.
  • He is advocating for more business venues in SE Raleigh.
  • $750,000.00 of the $1 million has been raised for the new tennis complex; however City cannot move until money is raised.

Mr. Lane thanked everyone for completing and returning Park surveys; group continues to work with Parks and Rec to develop needs of residents in area. He asked that residents take advantage of the opportunity to give input on park design.

Generic discussions were held on the type of businesses that may come into SE Raleigh area.

Concerns were raised about the “lack of things” for children to do in Chastain area which results in 15-20 young boys playing basketball in the street. Two men from the neighborhood will work together on strategies to help with situation. The meeting was adjourned.

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