Southeast CAC March 12, 2015 Minutes

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Meeting of the Southeast CAC was held on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Barwell Road Community Center.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Tim Sit.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources report was given by Matt Johnston.

Raleigh Police Department report was given by Officer R. A. Lee who reported that residential larcenies were down; however vehicle larcenies are still on the rise, including two motor vehicle thefts. He continued to caution everyone to lock vehicles and remove items from view in cars that may be taken. Wake County Sheriff Department report was given by Sheriff Donnie Harrison. He reminded residents that they are the “eyes and ears” in their neighborhood and can see much more than officers who are only able to occasionally frequent the neighborhoods. He stated that the Wake Co Sheriff Department works and collaborates with RPD, Garner PD, Cary PD, etc. to cover all areas of the county but each unit needs the help of the people in identifying and reporting crime.

Artspace Summer Program was presented by Angela Zappala, Education and Outreach Coordinator. Artspace Summer Arts Program is June 15-August 14. Mornings and afternoon classes are available for rising K-10th graders. Weekend and evening workshops are also held for youth and adults. Scholarships are available on need-based–not academic-based and anyone, in or outside the city, is eligible to apply. There are 53 different classes. New residency programs are being introduced in month of May. For more information, contact Angela Zappala at 919/821-0383 or email

Old Business First Vice-Chair Ulysses Lane reported that (1) Barwell Park did not receive any funds for equipment upgrade from recently approved bond referendum; (2) meeting was held with Parks and Rec and they will conduct a survey to get a sense of what amenities people feel are required for the Park; (3) a working group has been formed and others are asked to join to work on “needs assessment.”

Councilman Eugene Weeks gave an update on concerns of the community: (1) All tree limbs and debris from the recent wind and ice should be called in for pick up no later than Friday, March 13th in order to get on list for free pickup/removal. Actual pickup could take 2-3 weeks after calling. Contact is Alecia Watkins @ 919/996-6884. (2) Pot holes around Raleigh should be reported at 919/996-6446. (3) Barwell Tennis Court complex needs support of the people on the survey that will be done. (4) Sidewalks was in Bond referendum that was passed. More information will be forthcoming. (5) Chastain/Chasteal community expressed concern to Councilman Weeks about the need for speed bumps in area. There is a continuing concern relative to safety in community with speeding cars and buses. Councilman Weeks and Chair Sit explained the process for requesting speed bumps.

The meeting was adjourned.

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