Southeast CAC June 12, 2014

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Southeast CAC Meeting Minutes

CAC Meeting Minutes June 12, 2014

Meeting of the Southeast CAC was held on Thursday, June 12, 2014 at the Worthdale Community Center. Meeting was called to order by Chair Dennis Gullick at 7:00 p.m.

There was no report from Parks and Rec.

Raleigh Police Department report was given by Officers J. R. Schneider and R. A. Lee who reported that a few break-ins have taken place within the last month. They continued to advise residents to remove items from car and out of view of passersby in order to avoid break-ins and theft. People are asked to use the rule of “lock, take, hide”. Residents were also asked to keep their eyes open for things that don’t look right in neighborhoods and call police.

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Report was given by Mel May who stated that a big issue right now is that of developers not cutting grass in neighborhoods.

Representatives Demetrius Hunter, CEO and partner Anita Woodley, from Grocers on Wheels, a mobile service that will deliver fresh foods to homes made a presentation. This is a non-traditional approach to nurturing good eating habits through the purchase of fresh grown and home-cooked foods.

They are also conducting a fundraiser to purchase a refrigerated trailer. Ms. Woodley also talked about her one-woman Show, Mama Juggs and invited residents to attend for free at Martin Street Baptist Church on June 22nd. Ajuba Joy, Director of Root One (SE Raleigh Assembly), shared information about programming. There are lots of programs for mature people—both young and old. Discounts on online courses can be found on website Community Gardens endeavor is a one and one-quarter acre project. Pictures of this organic garden can be seen on SE Raleigh Assembly website.

One Thousand Villages may collaborate with Root One for fundraising. Strengthening the Black Family presentation was done by Melvin Jackson. Mr. Jackson talked about “Focus on Youth” and the YEAH Program (Youth Empowered Advocating for Health). YEAH is a group of African American Youth who are actively engaged in improving the health of the community of SE Raleigh and is part of strengthening the Black Family, Inc. The program is supported through a community-academic partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The program delivers intervention to youth in the community and focuses on decision-making strategies.

CAC Concerns and Updates Chair Gullick sought input and ideas from residents on what can be done to enhance community participation and bring community more closely together.

Some recommendations: HOA’s and neighborhood associations take more active roles in getting the word out (i.e. meetings and their contents, events taking place in community) Co-sponsoring events and announcing via emails, text, hashtag, paper flyers, face book, etc.

Chair Gullick stressed the desire to have the legacy of community continue to live on and asked each person to take on the responsibility of inviting someone else to attend the meetings and take on active roles.

Position of SE CAC Chair will become vacant in September. Chair Gullick will be relocating.

Councilman Eugene Weeks gave updates on issues that had been addressed by residents in past (i.e. sidewalks, former Kroger building on MLK Blvd., lot on Sunnybrook). He stated that Budget has been approved for City of Raleigh. Joyce Pervis of Consumer Services spoke on the services that she provides on reversed mortgage and back to work programs.

Community Services Specialist Luis Olivieri talked about the upcoming Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange Conference that will be held on Saturday, September 20th at the McKimmons Center.

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