Southeast CAC July 10, 2014 Minutes

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Meeting was called to order by Chair Dennis Gullick. Tim Sit, Viola Bullock and Jonathan Edwards were also present.

Matt Johnston, Assistant Director Barwell Rd. Community Center, gave the presentation from Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. He stated that Summer Camp was in its 4th week and continuing while 3 on 3 basketball for persons 50+ would resume by the end of July.

The Raleigh Police Department report was given by Officers Leggett (South CAC) and Helewski (South Central CAC) filling in for Officer Lee who was not able to attend. They noted that Officer Schneider would be leaving the Raleigh PD for the Cary PD in mid-July. They summarized the three largest categories of crime in the past month: 1) burglaries, 2) robberies (especially at the hotels along New Bern Ave. and parks after hours) and 3) motor vehicle thefts. They stressed that owners should never leave a car unlocked, running unattended or leave a spare key anywhere in the car. The fielded questions from attendees.

Chris Boyd from Housing and Neighborhoods was present to discuss his duties and also answered residents’ questions. A participant from the Raleigh Summer Youth Program was present to share his experiences so far. Barwell Rd. Elementary School Interim Principal Darryl Fisher was not present.

Voices into Action Director Sarah Bowen was not present. Councilman Russ Stephenson gave a presentation on the Unified Development Code Rezoning process and answered questions from attendees regarding development issues.

Discussion was held on the RCAC Neighborhood Recognition Award and the following were nominated: 1) Grocers on Wheels (Demetrius Hunter and Anita Woodley were present) and 2) Latonia Williams, community advocate from John’s Pointe subdivision. Further nominations will be accepted at the August Worthdale meeting with a final vote to be held at the September meeting.

Dennis Gullick informed the attendees that this would be his last meeting as Chair since he was moving permanently back to Ohio. He mentioned the need to increase attendance as well as to get youth involved in the CAC.

Ideas were discussed on marketing with most liked one being T-shirts with the slogan “Ask Me About the Southeast CAC”. No decision was made regarding the leadership of the CAC and the position of Chair will be re-opened to fill out the rest of Dennis’ term (until spring 2016). Next meeting will be held at the Worthdale Community Center on August 14th.

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