Southeast CAC January 8, 2015 Minutes

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Monthly meeting of the SE CAC was held on January 8th, 2015 at Barwell Road Community Center with Chair Tim Sit presiding and Vice Chair Ulysses Lane in attendance.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Report was given by Tori Vodka, Director. She reported on Programs and events at the center. New activities included Indoor Youth Golf Instruction and Youth Volleyball classes.

Mr. Lane asked for an update on the needs Survey that was being developed by PRCR staff for Barwell Road Community Center and Park. Tori reported the survey was still in the developmental stages. Mr. Lane asked that the status of the survey be included as part of the center`s report to SE CAC. He also requested that the SE CAC and the Working Group be included in the development of the needs survey questions to insure that input is received from the community concerning the use of the center and park.

Police Report was given by Officer Roderick Lee who gave the Incident Report. Officer Lee advised getting home alarms to help deter burglaries. He also advised not to leave your car running if you are not in it or your keys in the car. Officer Lee advised not to stop and assist persons with cars on the side of the road. This is another way car thieves are using to rob individuals. You should call 911 if you see a car on the side of the road.

Housing and Neighborhoods Report was given by Mel May. Ms. May stated her department enforces the code on housing, inspections and yards .Ms. May gave some tips to protect your water pipes this winter during severe cold weather: 1) unhook outside water facets from hoses, 2) cover exterior faucets, 3)close your foundation vents, 4)let your inside faucet drip a little to keep your lines open.

Community Digital Inclusion Project, Brittney Cofield-Poole, Community Outreach Specialist, Information Technology gave an overview of the program. Digital inclusion means that efforts are being made to provide access to technology for everyone. The goal is to get an idea of what technology access looks like within the communities in Raleigh.

Residents will receive a survey this winter through an e-mail link or a paper copy in the mail. Information collected will be used to share with citizens, identify areas with limited technology access and inform how the IT department delivers future resident and youth programs. Findings will lead to training for youth and senior citizens at the center. Contact 919-996-4655 for information about the project.

SecurePath Program, Clarenda Stanley-Anderson, Director gave overview of the program. SecurePath is a comprehensive mental health service for young children (0-12 years old) in Wake County usually provided at home. The program at the STEM base school in Cary handles ages 0-5. The Lucy Daniels center in Cary provides SecurePath in conjunction with Wake County’s SmartStart initiative to ensure that emotionally at-risk young children have early intervention services. Securepath focuses its resources on children and families who do not have insurance coverage or are receiving Medicaid. Services are provided free-of-charge to children through age 5.

Dr Ron Rosenblitt, Director gave an overview of the Lucy Daniels Center. The center is the largest non-profit agency providing children`s mental and emotional health services in the Triangle, serving more than 600 children and families. More information is available on the website at Request was made by the director of SecurePath for SE CAC to sign a letter of support for a grant proposal they are submitting to the City of Raleigh. It was moved and voted to sign a letter of support for the program.

PAVE-Southeast Raleigh Charter School. (Preserve, Achievement, Vibrance, Excellent Character) Cathy and Ben from the school staff gave an overview of the school. PAVE is a non-profit public charter school and plans to grow by a grade each year until it reaches 8th grade. It will open this August 2015 with kindergarten and first grade. The school will start taking applications this week.

There will be a blind lottery. They have funding for 120 students the first year. There will be a Free BBQ and Info Session on Thursday January 29th,2015 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Ship of Zion Church, 105 East Lee St. You can get more information about PAVE at their website or call 917-207-9111.

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