Southeast CAC February 12, 2015 Minutes

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Meeting of the Southeast CAC was held on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Barwell Road Community Center.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Tim Sit.

Parks, Rec. & Cultural Resources report was given by Carletta Moore, Director of the Worthdale Community Center. She shared that renovations to the Worthdale Center are moving along well and expected completion will be around the end of April or first of May. She said the programs normally held at the center are still ongoing at other centers and at Bugg Elementary School.

Vice Chair Ulysses Lane received a letter from Tori Voska stating that she has scheduled a meeting with him and others who would like to attend regarding a user survey for Barwell Rd. Community Center. The meeting will be held on February 19, 2015 at 1:30 pm.

Raleigh Police Department report was given by Officer R. A. Lee who continued to caution residents to secure vehicles and dwellings. He stated that although vehicle larcenies are down, residential burglaries are on the rise–many are rear entries. Recently, RPD conducted a speed patrol on Rawls Drive and Poole Road; 21 citations were issued. RPD has received complaints that residents in cul-de-sacs are parking heading into the curb instead of alongside of it, therefore, making it inaccessible for mail delivery and fire trucks to get in. RPD will begin to enforce correct parking by issuing tickets. Officer Lee said that the Department can conduct security checks of homes if called to do so.

Housing & Neighborhoods (Code Enforcement) report was given by Chris Boyd who asked everyone to please review information that was given by Mel May at the January meeting. He emphasized that securing water pipes and disconnecting hoses are especially important in freezing temperatures. He stated that residents should call his office to report public nuisances. Raleigh Fire Department representatives from Station 26 asked people to please slow down and pull to right when they can or just stay put when a fire truck approaches en route to an emergency. They also stated that families should have and practice a “safe plan” in the event of a home fire. They added that smoke detectors should be checked often to see if batteries are working. Residents were warned not to sleep with an electric heater on.

Walnut Creek Interceptor Project was presented by staff from McKim & Creed & City Staff. Presenters distributed copies of a plan to rebuild/improve Lower Walnut Creek Sewer system. Plan is a two-phase plan: Lower Walnut Creek Sewer Improvements (Phase 1) with an anticipated design date to be complete by October 2015 and Upper Walnut Creek Sewer Interceptor (Phase 2) with an anticipated design date to be complete by June, 2016. Construction is anticipated to begin in June, 2017 and with completion in December, 2018. More information will be forthcoming as project bid date approaches.

Richard Kelly, Interim Director, Public Works gave an update on the sidewalks proposal/request for Barwell Road and Sunnybrook Road. He stated that there is no immediate plan to do sidewalks on Barwell Road and that there is discussion about it not being within the city limits. He said there are 270 requests for sidewalks; Rock Quarry Road is #32, Barwell Road is #77. CAT Bus Route Changes were presented by David Eatman, Transit Administrator who presented slides of the proposed route to be changed.

A lengthy discussion was held on matter and other ideas suggested. It was recommended that this presentation be presented directly to the community where these changes will take place. A bus driver stated that the route change would be a hardship for some older riders who would have quite a distance to walk to the bus stop. Mr. Eatman said that the longest walk to a bus stop would be around 1/3 mile from any point.

Tim Gardner, Wake County Transit Investment Study, gave a slide presentation and presented information on how investments in transit should be structured, prioritized and justified similar to other investments the County makes on behalf of its citizens.

Old Business Chairman Tim Sit read email from Jed Niffenegger following up on concerns raised by attendees of the December 2014 meeting regarding left turn signals on Rock Quarry Rd. at Sanderford Rd. and Poole Rd. at Beverley Dr. In both cases, these fall under control of Federal/State provisions and the traffic volume did not meet the criteria to warrant installation of signals.

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