Southeast CAC April 9, 2015 Minutes

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The monthly meeting of the Southeast CAC was held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Barwell Road Community Center.

Chair Tim Sit opened meeting with greetings to everyone.

Parks and Rec Report was given by Worthdale Center Director Carletta Moore who first emphasized the importance of taking part in completing the Barwell surveys that have been distributed. Other items reported by Mrs. Moore included: (2) Worthdale Community Center renovations are nearing completion and should be done by end of April. Formal announcement has not been made to public at this time; (3) programs are consistent and going well; Pinto League has five teams; (4) CAC meetings will resume at Worthdale in June.

Raleigh Police Department Officer Roderick Lee reported that (1) motor vehicle larcenies are still up–some unlocked vehicles and some windows were smashed; (2) large number of residential robberies/burglaries–most happen during daytime hours; (3) Officer Lee observed that during night-time hours, many residents have windows/blinds open so that public sees through house with T.V.’s/other property in clear view. He cautioned residents to close blinds so that people can’t see into houses from the outside. This could help reduce break-ins.

Housing and Neighborhood Preservation Report was given by Chris Boyd who continued to inform residents that the Department is there to help them in solving issues of abandoned buildings, tall grass, multiple “untagged” cars, etc. in yards of neighbors. He asked residents to report anything that could cause harm or dangers to his office so that a follow-up can be made.

School Proposal (N. Rogers Lane) was presented by Larry Sherrill & Steve Zetts (Wake County Public School System); Angie Crawford & Rick Hines, (Boomerang Design); and Renee Pfeifer & Bill Hamilton (CLH Design).

Proposal is to erect a 3-story school building to house elementary school children, K-5. Proposed completion date is 2018. The team stated that school building would house K-1 on first level; grades 2-3 on second level; and grades 4-5 on 3rd level. Proposal is to have office, full-size gym, dining room, health room, PE area, elevators and stairs.

Concerns addressed by attendees included: (1) How will assignments to school be made–from within neighborhood or bussed in?; (2) What will traffic be like in community–will stop lights be added?; Will roads be widened? (3) Why build a new school with modular homes on site already?; (4) What is parking capacity for parents/visitors?

Raleigh Arts Plan Community Conversation was presented by Cassie Schumacher-Georgopoulos, Senior Planner with Raleigh Parks, Rec & Cultural Resources.  Cassie stated that the City’s Office of Raleigh Arts is leading development of a ten-year master plan to strengthen arts and culture for all of Raleigh’s communities and people. She added that the community shapes this plan which reflects a shared vision for the cultural future of Raleigh. She engaged attendees in an exercise that allowed them to speak on their individual arts experiences, what they get from the arts and how the arts has influenced them. Information gathered will be used in planning phases.

Cory Branch with WakeUp Wake County announced that on May 11th, the Transit Scenarios Kickoff will be unveiled! At this gathering, the public will likely have opportunities to give feedback on these plans in order to develop the final transit plan. Meeting will be at 6:00 pm at the Raleigh Convention Center.

The meeting was adjourned.

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