Northeast CAC September 12, 2013 Minutes

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September 12, 2013

A meeting of the Northeast Citizens Advisory Council (NECAC) was held on Thursday, September 12, 2013, at the Marsh Creek Community Center, 3050 New Hope Road, Raleigh. Vice-Chairperson Lillian Thompson presided. The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm.

Parks and Recreation Report: Jud Dunlevy reported on various activities currently underway and upcoming. Among the new activities starting in September are Insanity® (an adult cardio-based body conditional program for all fitness levels), youth dance classes, art classes for all ages, youth basketball, etc. Details are available on line at

Community Inspections:    Chris Boyd, City of Raleigh Inspections, Housing and Environment Division, talked about various public nuisance issues to which the city Inspections Department responds, including over-grown grass, deserted vehicles, junk, etc. Also included are any nuisance issues that can be viewed from the street. Complaints may be registered on line (search SeeClickFix) or by calling 919-996-2444.

The issue of uncut grass and vegetation under power lines, etc. was discussed and the recommendation made was for as many neighbors as possible to call the power line company repetitively until the issue was resolved.

Police Report: Officer George Porter reported on burglaries taking place along Buffaloe Road. Residents are encouraged to be observant of unusual activity and vehicles and call police. Also when drug trafficking is suspected, police should be notified. Porter again strongly encouraged home owners to install home burglar alarm systems, noting them to be the most effective crime deterrent.

He also encouraged keeping a record of serial numbers of electronics, or marking them with one’s driver’s license number for identification when stolen items are recovered. Porter also recommended taking photos of small items such as jewelry that don’t have a serial number or cannot be marked for identification.

Porter also addressed issues of loud music and homeless people on private property.

Community Services:   City Staff Liaison Kevin Smith told about Raleigh’s Neighborhood Exchange which will be held September 21 at the McKimmon Center and is open to the public. Sessions include possible ways to remedy traffic problems in neighborhoods, neighborhood success stories, leadership training, details about the city’s UDO.

There will also be sessions for Youth and for Spanish residents. Paul Brant will be one of the UDO session presenters. There will be door prizes, a continental breakfast and informative exhibits. The luncheon will feature highly respected home-town resident Zinith Barbee as the keynote speaker. Barbee will share his remarkable life journey from apathy, through personal crisis, to community care and to “rock star” status.

Vice Chairperson Lillian Thompson told about a Raleigh Television Network (RTN) ProducersWorkshop on September 21 being offered by the city’s television station where citizens may learn how to prepare and produce television programs/documentaries.

Paul Brant spoke about the Raleigh CAC’s annual Neighborhood Recognition Awards program to recognize individuals/businesses/institutions that have made significant contributions to their local communities. This year’s event will be October 16 and he invited recommendations from our local NECAC that warranted such recognition. Michi Vojta was nominated for her work in coordinating and spear-heading opposition to the rezoning of the property at New Hope and Buffaloe Roads. While there were many people involved in this case that was contrary to the best interest of the neighborhood and community, the consensus was that Michi Vojta would represent the group and be recognized for her leadership and concern for the community’s welfare.

Minutes of the August 8, 2013 NECAC minutes were approved.

A suggestion was made to initiate a local forum for citizens in our area to become acquainted with the UDO (Unified Development Ordinances) and how it impacts local property. Paul Brant suggested we have a brief presentation to acquaint people with the UDO website and answer questions related to a case like Z-4-13 and how it would be handled under a UDO scenario.

City News:     Congratulations to Amy Simes (NECAC Zoning Committee Chair) who has been named to Raleigh Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission.

Lillian Thompson will attend the regional Parks for Life Symposium and make a report at the next NECAC meeting.

Citizens are encouraged to vote for Wake County Board of Education members and Raleigh Council members on October 8. The Wake County School Bond and the Raleigh Transportation Bond are also on the ballot.     Information about the candidates, the school bond and transportation bond issues as well as a sample ballot for your name and address are available on line at


Neighborhood Reports: Michi Vojta reported that the Raleigh City Council had rejected Z-4-13 (rezoning of the property at New Hope and Buffaloe Roads). She thanked all who had supported the rejection activity and reminded all that it is important to pay attention to future requests, especially under the new UDO. There was discussion about different ways to stay alert, including a variety of newsletters available through the City’s website

October NECAC meeting:     The Raleigh Transit Plan will be presented at the next NECAC meeting on October 10.

Adjournment:    The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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