Northeast CAC October 9, 2014 Minutes

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Northeast CAC                                                                                  October 9, 2014


Attendance: 3 CAC Members

  1. Parks and Recreation
  • Basketball league sign-ups have begun for players 5-18 and need volunteer coaches especially for 7-8 year olds. Sign up for youth ended October 10th yet coaches are still needed and can contact closet community center including Marsh Creek.
  • ‘Coats for cause’ initiative annual giving of ‘gently used coats’ to young people sponsored by Top Greene and Sgt. Courtney Johnson Centers. Drop off at any community center. Marsh Creek Hours are M-F 7am to 9pm, Sat. 9am to 3 pm and Sunday 1pm to 6pm.
  • Special Event: Pumpkin Fest – Friday October 17, 2014 Barwell Road Community Center from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Special Event: Spooktacular – October 27, Green Road Community Center from 6 – 8pm
  • Skate Park event October 18th at Marsh Creek expecting 3000 people.
  • Reminder to vote for the Parks Bond Referendum
  1. Police Report
  • Hide, Lock, Take program designed to reduce vehicle break-ins and thefts by encouraging citizens to lock their doors.
  • Citizen left 9 mm gun under seat, now we have a criminal armed could increase level of violence and is hurting police efforts.
  • Movie night on November 10, 2014 at Marsh Creek Community Center outside for several hours near dark. Free and free popcorn. Day before Veterans day
  1. Community Services reports on Neighborhood Exchange and initiative on Your Big Idea on how to show love of your community. Will start effort to take pictures of T-Shirt that says “Ask me about my Big Ideas”. Find assets in the community to help with your big idea. Express love for neighborhood, community and City of Raleigh.
  1. New Hope/Buffalo Small Area Plan Meeting
  • Well attended meeting about 50 people
  • Expect a Planning report sometime early next year
  • Expressed a place to ride a bike and walk.
  • Suggestions mentioned at the meeting
  1. More street furniture
  2. Greater traffic control
  3. More inviting to the community
  4. Keep natural quality environment available
  5. Clean Energy for Raleigh (CE4R) – Presentation: Solar and Energy Efficiency
  • Local program to make it cheaper and easier for residents to adopt solarpower “How do I become more energy efficient”?
  • Reduce the cost for solar energy adoption on residential properties through group purchasing – 12% on solar energy products
  • Lot of organizations involved to help consumers with quality services through a selection process
  • Outreach meeting on Thursday November 6, 7:00-8:00 pm

Community Church of Crist 814 Dixie Trail.

  1. Successful track record in Charlotte and Asheville
  2. At no cost to you. No money down contractor. Reliable contractors screened.
  3. Work with HOA’s; Churches, Schools,
  4. Free Energy Audit
  5. Enrollment ends November 14, 2014 based on current tax credit that expires 2015 valid for five years if grandfathered in.
  1. Visit the Raleigh site for new initiative for Special Events in the city.
  2. Use of CAC funds
  • Opened discussion for ideas on how to spend the allotted CAC funds
  1. There is $1000 available for fiscal year ending in May 2015
  2. Will continue to discuss at the next meeting
  3. Send out information to inform people of CAC
  4. Involve consultant to help
  5. NC Student design to do a street furniture project
  6. Maybe more funds if connected to the Big Idea a T-Shirt design from Neighborhood initiative, creating pride and identity could raise funds.
  1. Tables at festivals
  2. Approval of minutes
  • Minutes from the September meeting were approved
  1. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm

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