Northeast CAC November 13, 2014 Minutes

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Northeast CAC                                                                                  November 13, 2014


Attendance: 8

  1. Police Report
  • Hide, Lock, Take program designed to reduce vehicle theft by encouraging citizens to lock their doors. Hide valuables; Lock auto; and Take or remove important items from theft.
  • Movie night on November 10, 2014 at Marsh Creek Community Center
  1. Very successful attendance of youth from the area
  2. Housing and Neighborhood Preservation
  • Explanation of the division’s responsibilities
  • Urged attendees to use the See Click Fix program for identifying possible ordinance violation in their communities
  1. Cross Connection Ordinance and handbook presentation – Joanie Hartley, Public Utilities
  • Want to garner feedback on changing residential testing for irrigation contamination from every 3 years to annually
  1. New Hope/Buffalo Small Area Plan Meeting
  • Review of recommendations from the workshop
  • Suggestions mentioned at the meeting
  1. More street furniture
  2. Greater traffic control
  3. More inviting to the community
  4. Keep natural space available
  5. Enhance transportation options and efficiency
  • Next Steps
  1. Finalize draft report
  2. 30 Day public feedback
  3. Revised report presented to City Council
  4. Rezoning Z-35-14
  • One acre parcel that is a part of a larger 57 acre development project
  • Edgewater Neighborhood has been contacted and has met with the developer and are in favor of the development
  • Will return in January for a CAC vote
  1. Approval of minutes
  • Minutes from the June meeting were approved
  1. Use of CAC funds
  • Opened discussion for idea on how to spend the allotted CAC funds
  1. There is $1000 available
  2. Focus will be on getting youth participation in CAC activities and meetings
  1. Will continue discussion at the next meeting
  2. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm

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