Northeast CAC May 8, 2014 Minutes

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MAY 8, 2014

  1. Department Reports
  2. Police: Officer George Porter from Crime Prevention presented with Lieutenant DD Knuckles in attendance spoke of opening a new center on May 17th at the Mini-City location. Available outreach programs are available in collaboration with Parks and Recreation.
  3. The upcoming National Night Out (first Tuesday in August) involving community Crime Watch groups are encouraged to get involved by contacting him for more information at (919) 796-9653 or email .
  4. On vehicle break-in: reports state that 97% affected were unlocked. On Greenways: ‘please’ stay on greenway paths were there are police call boxes for your safety
  5. Parks and Recreation: Heather O’Brien noted that Pullen Park is competing as ‘A Great Place’ as contender for statewide recognition. She announced local community center activities and summer camps.
  1. NECAC Business
  2. Meeting Notes were approved from April 10, 2014 meeting
  3. NECAC business yielded to discussions on Z-6-2014 and Z-10-2014 rezoning cases

III.       Z-6-2014 Raleigh Beach Road Development

  1. Andy Petsh, attorney presented an overview of the property. The developer will be the investor in the property for the long term comprising of apartments, and townhomes.
  2. Zoning is a combination of industrial and R-4. Part of property is legacy therefore part of city remapping work. Developers agree to a maximum height limit of four stories showing 3 heights on front of building and fourth based on land slope. They have agreed to a protective 50 foot setback from roads as minimum from existing homes with intent to create an improved transition with exiting community.
  3. There will be 650 dwellings maximum which includes apartment houses using fencing along residential areas as buffers. Citizens discussed the ‘Traffic Impact Analysis’ presented by developer’s engineering firm which goes to city staff for review and recommendations. Input is still possible with the Planning Commission and Council.
  4. It was noted that if this case is defeated the land could become available for full commercial development such as a ‘big box’ store. Townhome anticipated costs is at $220,000 to $240,000. Traffic concerns were expressed regarding children crossing roads near swimming pools and need for solutions to traffic calming.
  5. HOA’s were actively involved with city transportation staff and developers. Both Edgewater and Hedingham were contacted requesting they share information with their respective communities since February 2014.
  6. Prior to this meeting votes had been delayed to review the ‘Traffic Impact Analysis’.
  7. The group after much discussion agreed to endorse the terms of the rezoning designation with proposed conditions for a residential development by a vote of 33 approved to 25 opposed.
  1. Z-10-2014
  2. A rezoning request of 3.72 acres at Fox Road from R-1 & SC CUD to CX-5-PL-CU was presented by the owner’s attorney. The presentation covered the Comprehensive Plan consideration to mix use at five (5) stories height. ‘PL’ designation limited front building parking area to encouraging closer proximity to the road.
  3. This project was designated by the planning department to be consistent with Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Map with a recommended traffic to follow. The first phase will be rezoning and once done then site planning issues will be addressed based on the actual development. Types of uses could be: general retail or professional offices, and residential apartments.
  4. The group discussed the challenges of the traffic hazards at Fox Road, Louisburg, and Sumner Roads requiring attention and possibly new traffic lights to manage confusing travel patterns. The city will recommend traffic solutions based on the developer’s engineers ‘Traffic Impact Study’ findings. It is unknown what the ‘highest and best use’ will be for the property with traffic being the greatest concern.
  5. NECAC chair encouraged attending citizens to petition Council about traffic concerns as the proper venue. NECAC requested those in attendance share more information about the rezoning case and will announce in the newsletter that vote will take place at the June 12th meeting.
  1. Other Announcements
  2. Michi asked for volunteers to be secretary for the NECAC.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm

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