Northeast CAC January 8, 2015 Minutes

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Northeast CAC                                                                               January 8, 2015 7:00pm

Attendance: 50

  1. Parks and Recreation
  • General community center announcements
  1. Housing and Neighborhood Preservation
  • Shared the role and responsibilities of the division
  • Safety issues with dwellings not being well kept
  1. Approval of minutes
  • Minutes from the November meeting were approved
  1. Zoning Case Z-35-14 (4901 Beach Road)
  • Vote was taken on the rezoning of one acre parcel of land as part of larger rezoning already approved. Affected communities were contacted by the attorney.
  1. For the rezoning – 25
  2. Against the rezoning – 0
  1. New Hope/Buffalo Small Area Plan Meeting
  • First draft was represented with instructions to links online for community input until February 6th.
  • Questions and comments from the residents expressed concern about online access, transparency, final language, and additional input once report has been developed into a final draft.
  • Report intent is to capture and reinforce ideas from the community reflecting points of views that could be added to the Comprehensive Plan 2030 as a guide in developing Buffalo and New Hope Roads corner properties.
  1. Use of CAC funds
  • Opened discussion for idea on how to spend the allotted CAC funds
  1. There is $100 available
  2. Will continue to discuss at the next meeting
  1. Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm



Property Address: 4901 Raleigh Beach Road, Raleigh NC


Nearest Intersection: Raleigh Beach Road and New Bern Avenue


Property Owner: A. B. Coley, 403 Kinzer Road, Hillsville, VA 24343-4028


Project Contact: Andrew Petesch, Petesch Law, 127 W. Hargett Street, Suite 500, Raleigh, CN 27601,

Phone: 919-345-0442, Fax: 888-848-9605,


Property Size: 1.00                 Existing Zoning: R-4                Proposed Zoning: RX

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