Northeast CAC December 12, 2013 Minutes

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December 12, 2013

A meeting of the Northeast Citizens Advisory Council (NECAC) was held on Thursday, December 12, 2013, at the Marsh Creek Community Center, 3050 New Hope Road, Raleigh. Chairperson Michi Vojta called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.

Parks and Recreation Report: Heather O’Brien, Marsh Creek Parks and Recreation Supervisor, reported that the winter Leisure Ledger (January-April) was available and noted some of the opportunities available, including art classes and fitness programs. Zumba and adult basketball are currently underway; Junior basketball will begin in January.

Housing and Neighborhood Preservation:   Chris Boyd, City of Raleigh Inspector, Housing & Environment Division, discussed some of the issues he addresses as City of Raleigh Inspector. Recent issues involved home repairs/vacant houses and fences on homeowner property perimeters. He stated that the recently implemented Unified Development Ordinances (UDO) require a zoning permit for fences and storage buildings to assure ordinance compliance. He also stated that building inspections continue while a building is under construction and continue annually when construction extends past the indicated completion date. Variances or special needs may be presented to the City Council for consideration.

Police Report: City of Raleigh Crime Prevention Officer George Porter reported that home burglaries were occurring in the Cardinal Hills/Kyle Drive area and encouraged Community Watch participation.

On another issue, Porter requested input from those at the meeting regarding a request by Picasso Pawn Shop to open a second location on Capital Boulevard in the former Perkins restaurant building at 2657 Appliance Court. Porter explained the city now requires documentation of feedback from the neighborhood in its approval process.

The sentiments expressed were overwhelmingly opposed to this, citing the preponderance of existing pawn shops in the area and the concern of its contribution to the declining business environment along Capital Boulevard.


Community Services: Kevin Smith, City of Raleigh Community Services liaison for the NECAC noted that the department was making staff changes but that he would continue to service the NECAC as its staff liaison.

Minutes:  the November 14, 2013 minutes of the NECAC meeting were approved.

A replacement for retiring secretary Erika Rosenberger is being sought immediately. Chair Michi Vojta noted that nominations for the other NECAC officers for 2014 would be accepted at the January meeting and requested volunteers.

City News/ Neighborhood Reports:   Michele McIntosh is preparing a citizens petition to City Council on behalf of the Northeast CAC for a small area study and an amendment to the 24/7 ordinance for the New Hope and Buffalo Road intersection.

Adjournment: As the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm, Erika Rosenberger was recognized for five years of service as NECAC Secretary and was presented with a lovely camellia shrub in bloom and a plaque. Refreshments were served.

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