Northeast CAC April 9, 2015 Minutes

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Northeast CAC                                                                                                                           April 9, 2015


Attendance: 55

  1. Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources – Heather O’Brien
  • General announcements
  • Summer camp registration has started
  • Community Center resources and programs available to the public
  • Summer camp registration is still open
  1. Housing and Neighborhood Preservation – Dudley Winslow
  • Role of the division
  • Information on “See, Click, Fix” initiative
  • Reminded residents to monitor their grass height
  1. Police Department – Officer Porter
  2. Coffee with a Cop – April 29, 20159:30 am – 11:30 am
  3. Lock your car to prevent theft
  4. National Night Out will be first Monday in August ‘ Night out against Crime’.
  5. RPD: Youth and Family Services – investigates all crimes involving youth as victims and provide supportive services for the family.
  1. NECAC Business – Visit to Pedestrian an Bicycle Advisory Commission Resolution – Lillian Thompson
  2. Comp. Plan text change – David Cox
  • Importance of height restrictions next to residential communities
  • Proposed need for zoning designation NX to better guide development next to residential housing.
  • Resolution to have the Comp Plan 2030 to supersede the UDO


  1. Small Area Plan Draft Review – Vivian Ekstrom – Planner, City of Raleigh
  • Presented update on the public comment results
  • Public comment period has closed
  • Focus area
  1. Vacant parcels
  2. Future development
  3. Community impact
  4. Transportation
  • Review of comments from the public comment session
  • Next Steps
  1. Present plan to City Council
  2. Public comment at the City Council or Planning commission meeting
  3. Zoning Case Z-12-15
  • New Hope and Buffalo Road
  • Review of sight plan and conditions
  • Questions were raised about adding more crosswalks in addition to the one (1) crosswalk the developer will add
  • Concerns were raised about the storm water pond in front of the development
  • Vote
  1. 40 – residents approved the zoning
  2. 12 – residents disapprove of the zoning
  3. Meeting Adjourned at 8:45

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