First Annual Brentwood Yard Sale

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The Brentwood Neighborhood in North Raleigh off Capital Boulevard held its first annual neighborhood-wide yard sale this past weekend. Warm weather, good crowds and a wide selection of goods helped this new tradition get off to a great start! The event was organized through Facebook and the community web site Nextdoor by area residents Lynne Walter and Kimberly Mebane, who hopes to do it again next year.

Editor’s note – a previous version of this post did not give proper credit to the organizers of this event. This has been amended. 

2 thoughts on “First Annual Brentwood Yard Sale

  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for the supportive coverage of our neighborhood event. A couple of relevant details to include/update might be, for accuracy sake, that the majority of the organizing was done via Facebook (where Kimberly posted the original post asking if anyone on our street would be interested in being a part of a multi-family yardsale) and that much of the organizing was spearheaded by Lynne Walter, a phenomenal community organizer who lives in our neighborhood. Kimberly and the others of us on the committee really recognize Lynne’s efforts as significant to the success of our event.
    Jennifer Fuller

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for reading and stopping by the site!

    I actually live in the Brentwood area, so I found out about the yard sale through Nextdoor. I’m over on Huntleigh so I’d never seen some of those neighborhoods back behind the fire station, they were beautiful. Loved all the trees!

    I’ve updated the post to include the use of Facebook, as well as the involvement of Lynne Walter. We really appreciate your clarification of those details.

    Thanks again,