Rezoning Cases Held for CAC Approval

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The planning commission met Tuesday to hear a number of rezoning cases, including a phasing revision of the Edison Office building.

The Edison Office building is a 19-story mixed use building filled with retail and office space, currently standing next to the Blount Street parking deck. It is on a 1.3 acre parcel of land, on which a larger 23-story residential building is being constructed.

A possible rendering of the Edison Apartments along Davie Street.

A possible rendering of the Edison Apartments along Davie Street.

Ken Thompson, a designer from the architectural firm for the project, said at the planning commission session that a retail establishment in the Edison Office building wished to stay on the ground floor until a similar space in the 23-story building is constructed.

“It is Reliable Jewelry’s request to stay in that location,” Thompson said.

The phasing revision was recommended for approval.

Two rezoning cases were approved for Bland Road. Tony Tate, the landscape architect and planner for both parcels of land, told the planning commission that he planned to build two office buildings on each parcel. The request was to rezone both parcels from residential to office mixed use. Both cases were found to be consistent with the future land use map and the comprehensive plan and were recommended for approval.

This property off Wake Forest Road will be rezoned to allow for more development

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This property off Wake Forest Road will be rezoned to allow for more development

Rezoning case Z-4-15 was held after the planning commission learned that the local Citizens Advisory Council had not yet voted on the case. The request proposed rezoning the parcel from residential to commercial mixed use. The change called for an increase in residential density, as well as increases in office and retail intensities. It was found to be inconsistent with the future land use map and the comprehensive plan.

Alexander Liems, representing the property owner, stated that they planned to put a car dealership on the property as well as an office building, but they had not yet received the CAC vote yet. Steven Schuster, the planning commission chairman, said that he’d rather wait for the CAC vote before making a decision and the item was held.

Rezoning case Z-8-15 was also held after due to a lack of a CAC vote. The case concerned a 13.84 acre parcel of land on Englehardt. The property is currently in the airport overlay district because of its proximity to Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The request was to remove the airport overlay district designation and change the zoning from thoroughfare district to residential-6.

Michael Birch of Morningstar Law Group represented the applicant. Birch said that the desire of the applicant was to build a single family detached subdivision adjacent to the Woodlawn neighborhood. He used maps designated decibel levels of air traffic over the parcel to advocate for the removal of the airport overlay district. He also pointed to six other cases in the area where the airport overlay district designation had been removed to allow for development.


After Birch said they were presenting to the CAC that night, Schuster said that the planning commission vote should wait for two weeks to vote. The item was then held.

Editor’s note – a previous version of this article indicated that case Z-4-15 was found to be consistent with the Future Land Use Map and the Comprehensive Plan; it was found to be inconsistent. Alexander Liems was also identified erroneously as Alexander Means. We apologize for the error.

3 thoughts on “Rezoning Cases Held for CAC Approval

  1. Your information regarding the Edison office building project is a bit cofusing. This building has not started construction yet, but you refer to it as a building already constructed and scheduled for demolition, then you show a picture of the Edison apartments, which is a totally different project. So what actually is going on with this project.

  2. The Edison apartments are under construction on the entire south side of the block. The rendering is outdated; the architect’s current rendering is on their website (and corresponds to what has actually been built).

    On the northeast side of the block is the 23-story Skyhouse which is apartments and just about finished. Reliable Jewelry wants to move into one of the retail spaces at the bottom of it. During that transition time, they want to remain in their current location. This is in one of two small brick buildings on the lot where the Edison Office tower will begin construction, on the northwest side of the block.

    What is unclear to me is a) how Reliable Jewelry will remain at their current site if the Edison office needs it to be demolished to begin construction, b) if demolition and/or construction will be delayed until Reliable Jewelry can complete their move, and c) if any other approvals are needed from the city before demolition and construction can begin.