City Celebrates Fix-a-Leak Week

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Last week was national “Fix-a-Leak Week,” an event promoted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the city of Raleigh.


James Borden / Raleigh Public Record

Johnny the Running Toilet was on hand with city employee Leigh Ann Hammerbacher to teach people about the importance of fixing leaks.

The EPA estimates that more than one trillion gallons of water are lost each year from residential homes, and the city of Raleigh wanted to make sure everyone was taking the time to check for and fix any leaks they might have.

As part of these efforts, Johnny the Running Toilet was on hand at a Home Depot in Wake Forest this past weekend, where a store employee gave instructions on how to repair leaky sinks and toilets to a crowd of around a dozen.

Not surprisingly, Johnny was the star of the show — as countless Home Depot patrons stopped by to take his picture, get their picture taken with him or receive a free coloring book from him for their children — many of whom appeared scared and/or confused at the concept of a giant, anthropomorphic commode.

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