Party Mansion Sells at Steep Discount

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A house known far and wide as “the party mansion” sold last month for $1 million.

The property, a supposedly private home that had been transformed into a suburban nightclub replete with stripper poles and hookah rooms, was put on the market for $2.9 million June 5, 2013.

Local business owner Clarence Mann purchased the home for $1 million.


Samantha Tran

The home is located in the Radcliffe subdivision, which consists of 15 lots. Between 2012 and 2013, the “party mansion” attracted thousands of partygoers to decadent events with names like “Eyes Wide Shut.” That is, until a court put an end to the spree.

The Record reported on the neighbors’ case last summer, and the story of the “North Raleigh party mansion” spread far and wide. That brought a new influx of visitors to Radcliffe: TV trucks and gawkers.
Shawn MacArthur, a resident of Radcliffe, said reporters were a constant presence.
“They would all park out in front of the white house and then come back to my house, [and ask] ‘Can we use the bathroom?’”

Photos from Facebook of the mansion during its party days.

Photos from Facebook of the mansion during its party days.

New owner Mann runs Vistabution, a construction firm specializing in remediation services. He has yet to move in.
Mann declined to comment on the purchase. Vistabution’s director of business development, Angela Estevea, said Mann is really looking forward to his new residence.
“It’s going to be his primary home,” Estevea said.

MacArthur said there has been some speculation in the neighborhood about whether Mann will simply flip the house, given the steep discount in purchase price.

“I bought my house super-cheap and he paid $370,000 less and he got two and a half times the square footage,” MacArthur said.
Although he has not yet seen Mann at the house, MacArthur said he has witnessed painting and repair trucks parked in the mansion’s roundabout driveway.
“It was pretty trashed – I went through with a prospective buyer four to five months ago; they ripped out all the appliances, anything they could take they moved out,” MacArthur said.

The Neighborhood Today
A year after the party mansion’s last bash, it’s just a memory for Radcliffe neighbors.

“It’s pretty quiet – my daughter’s been out riding bikes, it’s good, we’ve got a couple new houses in back, we’re talking about making it a gated community,” MacArthur said.
“Right after it happened and the news broke on TV and in the newspaper, we were getting one to two hundred cars a day, for months.
“There’s definitely a lot of people even now; there’s five houses in the neighborhood, six including [the mansion], and you shouldn’t have that much traffic, we’re still getting a lot of it.”
Of course, because the kind of traffic the mansion used to draw would include late-night biker gangs, MacArthur said he doesn’t really mind.
“It’s funny, because no matter where I go, people have heard of it. I actually bought a car in Arizona, and I said something about how I lived with this big party house, and he’s like, dude, is it a big white house?”
“I’m like, yeah! He’s like, it’s a party mansion, and I’m like, yeah man, that’s the one!”
He said the whole fiasco “definitely made for an interesting story.”
“It’s funny, because when I tell anybody where I live, near this big party house, everybody knows where it is. It’s sort of a landmark.”

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  1. She’s going to buy a bigger one…She’s no different from other successful Americans!!!! (Wink)

  2. Claude Verbal is on his way to an even bigger house. It doesn’t have many amenities but he will receive three hots and a cot! He pled guilty in April to tax fraud, Medicaid fraud and money laundering. He is looking at up to 48 years in prison plus restitution and fines.