Primary Election Guide – Spring 2014

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Taken at Stough Elementary School.

Karen Tam

This spring Raleigh and Wake County voters will pick candidates in several local races to send to the General Election in November. Wake District Attorney Colon Willoughby retired recently, leaving that seat open for the first time in more than 20 years. Lorrin Freeman, the Wake County Clerk of Court, is running for DA, which also leaves her seat open. Both of the top jobs in Wake County’s court system have a number of serious contenders vying for a place on the ballot this November. Also up in the primary is a race for the Republican nomination for Joe Bryan’s seat on the County Commission. Bryan is running again for that seat against fellow Republican Jim Puryear. The winner this spring will go up against a Democratic challenger in the fall.

Get out and vote May 6!

New Wake DA Will Face Challenges of Growth, Management
By James Borden
Colon Willoughby has been Wake County’s district attorney for 28 years. He will not run again, and six candidates have stepped up to vie for the job in the primary election.

Election Explainer: So What Exactly Do Judges Do?
By Ariella Monti
There are 17 judgeships up for grabs in this year’s elections. We give you the lowdown on what these men and women do.

County Commission Balance to be Tested This Year 
By Ariella Monti
Only one race for the County Commission is in the May primary, but November could test the balance of power at the Wake County Commissioner table.

No Same-Day Registration for Primary Election
By Jordan Smith
Several changes in voting will take effect this year. The voting ID requirement will not take effect until 2016.

Candidate Profiles
Process: We came up with a list of questions for each office, and recorded our interviews with each candidate. The responses you see are a transcription of those interviews.

County Commission
Joe Bryan Fred Puryear
Wake DA Clerk of Court
Nancy (Lorrin) Freeman Blair Williams
Benjamin (Boz) Zellinger Sam Bridges
Jeff Cruden Jennifer Knox
Jefferson G. Griffin Barbara Moore
Terry A. Swaim Joe E. Teague, Jr.
John Walter Bryant
NC Senate 15 NC House 49
Apryl Major Kim Hanchette
Jim Fulghum Derek Kiszely

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  2. Please edit your articles. The first sentence does not make sense and is embarassing. “Novembers” is not a word. Thank you.