City Sues Recycling Company for Dumping Waste into Sewers

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Editor’s Note: The original version of this post was updated to correct the location the material was being dumped. The Record incorrectly wrote that hazardous material was being dumped into the city’s sewer system, but it was being dumped into the city’s stormwater conveyances. 

The City of Raleigh will be filing an injunction against Raleigh Recycling for illegally dumping hazardous material into the city’s stormwater conveyances.

The mayor announced the decision after a closed session meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Raleigh Recycling, also known as Goldsboro Iron and Metal Company, is located on Garner Road and processes, among other things, iron, steel, aluminum, batteries, plastic and cars.

City Attorney Thomas McCormick said the city will have to do some further research to find out what exactly what chemicals are being dumped.

Greg Brown, owner of Raleigh Recycling, said they are “working actively with the city to resolve the issue immediately.”

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