Construction Begins on Salisbury Street Pedestrian Bridge

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A new pedestrian bridge over North Salisbury Street between Peace and Lane Streets will connect a parking deck to the lower end of Halifax Mall. Construction is expected to be completed in December.

A bridge was built for the intersection in 1975, but was closed in 2008 because of disrepair. The concrete bridge was demolished and removed the weekend of June 14.

Salisbury ped bridge

Jacqueline Kantor / Raleigh Public Record

The old pedestrian bridge was torn down in June.

Clancy & Theys Construction Company will do the work, but it is unclear when the next phase of construction will begin, according to Chris Mears, public information officer for the Department of Administration.

The new design includes steel and about 1,500 aluminum panels. LED lights will illuminate the bridge after dark to provide safe travel for pedestrians and a shimmering effect from above for street traffic.

The pedestrian bridge will link the state parking deck on Salisbury Street to Halifax Mall, a large assembly area surrounded by government buildings.

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The Department of Administration estimates the bridge will serve about 500 employees each day. Mears said some state employees report they are pleased with the design of the bridge and happy to see an alternative crossing.

Employees such as Angela Steward, a cook at the snack bar in the Dobbs Building, use the crosswalk to face the busy traffic on Salisbury Street when commuting to work.

“I don’t think it’s an actual hazard now, but I am looking forward to a bridge making the commute easier,” she said. “Most of the cars stop when you cross, but some of them don’t pay attention and just keep going.”

The project is funded by the state and is expected to cost $106,845.

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