Abortion Issue Dominates Legislature

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Abortion Restrictions Moving Through
The controversial Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act has passed its third reading and is being held in the Senate clerk’s office. The bill seeks to restrict abortions across the state by reducing health care coverage for abortions covered under county insurance plans or through exchange programs. Instances of rape, incest, or life-threatening pregnancy are given special considerations. Medical professionals could also be given the right to refuse performing any act leading to an abortion without fear of punishment from their respective professional board. Selective-sex abortions are outlawed under this act as well. The penalty for violating these proposed measures begins at $10,000. The House split at 69 to 42. The Senate was just as partisan, passing the measure 29 to 12 with several excused absences.

Copy of the bill’s fourth reading.

Curriculum Focuses On Abstinence, Abortion
A bill requiring schools to teach abstinence as the best form of protection against sexually transmitted diseases is ready for the speakers’ signatures. Should they sign it and hand it over for Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature, seventh grade health class could change noticeably. Under the proposed law, instructors would have to make sure abstinence is taught as the best method of avoiding STDs and pregnancy. Abortion, along with alcohol and drug use, would also be taught as a cause of pre-term birth. Since last Monday, the bill has passed the house 69 to 42 and the Senate 32 to 12. Both chambers were split staunchly along party lines.

Copy of the bill’s third reading.

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