City Wants Input on BikeRaleigh Map

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Raleigh’s planning department wants feedback on a new map that outlines citywide bike routes and trails.

City planners hope cyclists will assess the map in terms of readability, route designations and points of interest like bike shops, landmarks and shopping centers. The draft map is open for public review until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

A copy of the map and details on submitting feedback.

The first draft, developed by consultant Alta/Greenways, will be finalized by the end of June. The plan is to release a limited number of printed copies to cyclers this summer and collect more feedback to develop a finalized version by the end of the year, said Jennifer Baldwin, bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the city’s Office of Transportation Planning.

The map includes tips on securing bikes to buses and details about Smart Commute Raleigh, which encourages more people to walk, bike or carpool to work to alleviate traffic congestion. BikeRaleigh plans to distribute the map through bike shops, community activities, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission and cycling clubs.

“A lot of times it is difficult to separate the greenway program from the road networks, and there’s so many connections you should be able to get to the greenway from your house instead of driving and parking somewhere,” Baldwin said. “We need to identify bike routes to get cyclers toward their destination and toward greenways.”

An online interactive map will be released later this summer. Viewers will be able to zoom in and print out specific quadrants of the map that apply to their commute. There will also be a BikeRaleigh mobile app.

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