City Wants Input on Possible Pet Ban in Park Playgrounds, Fields

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A city parks committee is considering a ban on pets in certain areas of Raleigh parks after complaints about unleashed dogs roaming beyond owners’ “sight and control.”

By city law, unleashed dogs are not allowed on public property except for in designated dog parks. In addition, pet owners are required to remove and dispose of pet waste. According to a press release from the city, both the public and city staff have complained about pet waste on athletic fields.

“Residents frequently unleash their dogs on open park grounds allowing them to roam beyond their sight and control, presenting the opportunity for pets to interact unrestricted with other park patrons,” the release said. “Citizens also use fenced playgrounds, athletic fields and court areas as dog parks – allowing pets to run unleashed within the fenced area.”

The Greenways and Urban Tree Committee of the Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board is reviewing the issue and wants public input at its next meeting, at 6 p.m. Wednesday in Room 303 of the Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex at 222 W. Hargett Street.

The committee will take that input and review the issue before making a recommendation to the full Board.


3 thoughts on “City Wants Input on Possible Pet Ban in Park Playgrounds, Fields

  1. I think there is more important uses for our law enforcement folks to be doing than becoming the pet poop police. I can envision now an angry right fielder using his cell phone calling 911 to report the lil old lady who let fido run the field before his game started because he stepped in it.

    How much time and resources are we willing to spend on this? Really?

  2. Hey folks, your headline is misleading. Raleigh is not considering pet bans in city parks. Raleigh is considering restricting dogs in certain areas of city parks (athletic fields and playgrounds).

    I’d appreciate it if you would correct your headline appropriately. Thanks!