2012 Fall Voter Guide

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Our reporters have spent months interviewing candidates and dissecting issues to bring you a comprehensive guide to voting in Raleigh. We have analysis on the Wake Tech bond, the presidential and gubernatorial elections, the State Superintendent race, where Wake’s own John Tedesco is in the running, and profiled almost every candidate that will be elected by Raleigh voters; state house and senate, U.S. House and a host of county seats.

Don’t forget to vote Nov. 6

Letter from the Editor
By Charles C. Duncan Pardo >>Your Local Vote: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make All Year
By Brent Laurentz
A guest column from the executive director of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education. >>How to Get Out and Vote
By Jennifer Wig
Voting early? Absentee? There are lots of ways to cast your ballot in Wake County. >>

What Does the Lt. Governor Actually Do?
By Jennifer Wig
The role of Lt. Governor isn’t clear to many voters unless the governor dies. Here’s a breakdown of the behind-the-scenes office.>>

On the Ballot: The Wake Tech Bond
By Ariella Monti
Wake voters will decide this fall on a new bond to expand Wake Technical Community College. >>Shifts in North Carolina Politics
By Will Huntsberry
Once upon a time Republicans took North Carolina for granted in their presidential campaigning. >>Wake Co. Commission Candidates Hope for Bipartisanship
By Ariella Monti
Republicans will remain in control of the Wake County Board of Commissioners, but candidates hope that there will be less partisanship.>>

State Superintendent Candidates Aren’t Big On Policy
By Will Huntsberry
Most people aren’t exactly sure what the state superintendent does. >>

Profiling the Candidates

We spoke with almost every candidate running for a seat in Raleigh. We asked each candidate the same set of questions based on important issues in her or his particular race, and we followed up if we felt like we didn’t get a straight answer. The bulk of this guide consists of those answers, transcribed by our reporters and edited to fit in the space we have available. But what you read here are the candidates’ own words, unscripted.

We did not provide the questions ahead of time. In some cases the candidate refused to speak with us, most notably Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, because we would not negotiate on providing the questions in advance. We felt it would not be fair to other candidates and we did not want scripted answers — that would not be fair to you.

Wake County CommissionDale Cooke (R) – District 4
Caroline Sullivan (D) – District 4
Paul Fitts (R) – District 6
Betty Lou Ward (D) – District 6
James West (D) – District 5

District Court Judges

Erin Mulligan Graber – Gray Seat
Dan Nagle – Gray Seat
Anna Worley – Worley Seat
Charles Gilliam – Worley Seat

Soil & Water Conservation Board

William Cole
Patrick Lawson

N.C. House

Marilyn Avila (R) – District 40
Ron Reale (L) – District 40
William Watt Jones (D) – District 40
Duane Hall (D) – District 11 unopposed
Rosa Gill (D) – District 33 unopposed
Deborah Ross (D) – District 34 unopposed
Yvonne Lewis Holley (D) – District 38
Shane Murphy (U) – District 38
Darren Jackson (D) – District 39 unopposed
Jim Fulghum (R) – District 49
Keith Karlsson (D) – District 49
Chris Malone (R) – District 35
Lori Milliberg (D) – District 35

N.C. SenateNeal Hunt (R) – District 15
Sig Hutchinson (D) District 15
Dan Blue (D) – District 14 unopposed
Josh Stein (D) – District 16 unopposed
Doug Berger (D) – District 18
Chad Barefoot (R) District 18

U.S. House

Brian Irving (L) – District 2
Renee Elmers (R) – District 2
Stephen Wilkins (D) – District 2
David Price (D) – District 4
Tim D’Annunzio (R) – District 4
Charles Malone (D) – District 13
George Holding (R) – District 13


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General


Commissioner of Agriculture

Commissioner of Insurance

Commissioner of Labor

Secretary of State

Superintendent of Public Instruction


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  1. Great Job. Good resource for reviewing local candidates as well as most statewide races. Thanks so much!