Food Truck Regulations: A Breakdown

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Food trucks have been a hot topic in the Triangle for the past few years. More area governments are regulating how and where food trucks can operate. And as Durham councilors debate changes to the city food truck rules and the debate in Raleigh quiets down, we were wondering where it all stands.

Here is a brief breakdown of the basic rules for food trucks in the Triangle.

Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Carrboro
Permit Required? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Where Allowed Private property only. Property owner must also obtain permit. Allowed in the right-of-way and on private commercially zoned property. Privately owned commercial property with owner’s permission. Parking lots illustrated on map provided to applicants
Parking Regulations Food trucks must be located at least 100 feet from the front door of any restaurant and outdoor dining area and at least 50 feet from any permitted mobile food vending cart location. No restrictions other than normal parking rules. Downtown: 100 feet from the customer entrance of restaurant during hours of operation (unless owner waives). All areas: 15 feet from fire hydrant. Must not impede a business or operate as a drive-thru.
Hours of Operation 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. No restrictions. No restrictions. 6 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.
Permitting Fees* Vendor: $150. Property owner: $78. $25 for vendor. $118 each for vendor and property owner. Vendor also pays $600 fee. $75 for vendor.
Number Allowed One truck per lot. No restrictions. No restrictions. No restrictions.
*Does not include business licensing fees.

5 thoughts on “Food Truck Regulations: A Breakdown

  1. Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Are the permitting fees paid annually or per service?

  2. Raleigh needs to drop the property owner permit and one truck per lot restrictions.

    Those two items are onerous and don’t really address stated objections of those oppose a free truck policy.

  3. What a helpful chart! It answers, alas, a question I’ve been trying to get the city to answer for two weeks: can I have a food-truck rodeo at Glen Eden Pilot Park as part of a celebration for the opening of the House Creek Greenway. Looks like the answer is no, even though it would be great for everyone involved. Yelp says the nearest restaurant is Chubby’s Tacos, 1.3 miles away.

    But if this is correct, why are there multiple foodtrucks downtown near the museums on the weekend?