Public Salaries for Sunshine Week

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UPDATE, March 16, 2:20 p.m.:
From the editor: We’ve heard from a couple people who consider posting this information an invasion of privacy. We want to know what you think. Is it inappropriate for us to post this kind of public information online? Please join the discussion in our comments section below.

To mark Sunshine Week in Raleigh, we have requested salary data from the city, school system and county. We have data from the city and school system posted below. Wake County has yet to get back to us on our public records request.

For privacy reasons, we have removed the names of employees of both the school system and the city of those making less than $75,000 a year.

You too can celebrate Sunshine Week: read North Carolina’s public records statutes and learn your rights to public information.

Wake County schools salaries, February 2012

City of Raleigh salaries, February 2012

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