New, Democratic School Board Takes Power

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New Wake County School Board members Jim Martin, Christine Kushner and Susan Evans, as well as returning members Kevin Hill and Keith Sutton, were sworn in on Tuesday, marking the beginning of a Democratic-led era.

Christine Kushner signs the oath of office.

Christine Kushner signs the oath of office.

Democrat Hill takes the seat representing District 3 after a contentious run-off race with Republican Heather Losurdo.

The new board got right to work after a small reception following the swearing-in ceremony. Kevin Hill was voted the next chair of the board after two separate votes, with Keith Sutton being voted in as vice-chair.

The New Wake County School Board
District 1: Chris Malone
District 2: John Tedesco
District 3: Kevin Hill
District 4: Keith Sutton
District 5: Jim Martin
District 6: Christine Kushner
District 7: Deborah Prickett
District 8: Susan Evans
District 9: Debra Goldman
View a district map.

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