Occupy Raleigh: Sitting or standing?

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To sit or to stand, that is the question.

Or that was the question from one of our readers on Twitter Wednesday.

Nineteen Occupy Raleigh protesters were arrested and charged with second-degree trespassing Saturday following a rally at the Capitol Building. The protesters’ permit expired at 3 p.m. Arrests were made around 7:30 p.m. after state police asked demonstrators to leave.

Although Occupy Raleigh demonstrators no longer have a permit to use the state Capitol grounds, some remain, taking up posts on the nearby city sidewalk. But our Twitter follower asked: Must they sit or stand?

“They will tell you we can stand, but that answer on site varies [by] officer,” reported the OccupyRaleigh twitter account, in response.

On Sunday, Eddy Samara said police, “made a pretty big deal about not letting anyone sleep, not letting anyone stand.”

On Monday, protestor Will Carroll said police, “actually finally let us sit down on the ground now, whereas before we were standing for the past couple of days.”

So we checked with the RPD. The answer is: Either.

“They can sit or stand,” said Raleigh Police Spokesman Jim Sughrue. “They can do whatever they like to do. To the best of our knowledge, no officials have told them otherwise.”

Sughrue said the main goal of police officers is to keep the sidewalks open so other people can pass.

“We want to make sure everyone who’s out there is safe,” he said.

6 thoughts on “Occupy Raleigh: Sitting or standing?

  1. I’ve been there several times, and while I have never seen or heard anyone asked to stand when sitting or sleeping, I have heard that others have been. It seems to vary from shift to shift or from officer to officer, so “To the best of our knowledge, no officials have told them otherwise,” just isn’t true.

  2. the cops would not let anyone sit or play any sort of musical instrument when I was at the occupation. Raleigh PD and Capitol PD is a joke . I am a hard working, patriotic American , and I will not be intimidated by the “authorities”.

    I do not blame to officers on the street working at the protests, I blame the higher ups for daring to mess with first amendment rights.

    I’m just waiting for a cop to F up and even try to screw with my civil liberties…. some of us have the networks to Harvard educated lawyers 🙂

  3. When I was there through the first night, the police watched us very carefully and wouldn’t let us sit. If I sat on the ground to pet my dog who was with us, they would walk over and tell me to get up. I didn’t even have to be blocking the path, the reason they originally gave us for having to stand. I have been back up there to see people sitting, but it also seems to vary with the officers on duty.