Capital Area Transit Buses to GoLive

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Passengers of the Capital Area Transit bus system, as well as other area bus systems, will soon be able to get a prediction of where their bus will be in real-time.

Go Triangle’s GoLive program is currently being tested with a group of users, but should go public on Oct. 19. Riders will be able to see their bus en route in real-time and will get a prediction of when their bus will arrive at a given stop.

GoLive is a “regional, real-time production software system for transit,” said GoTriangle Marketing Coordinator Lauren Parker.

Screenshot of GoTriangle's GoLive test program, highlighting all of the Capital Area Transit routes. Click for a larger image.

Parker said the system will have one interface, a mobile application for users, and will integrate text messaging and the state’s 511 travel information system to give a prediction on a bus’s arrival.

“GoLive is a collaboration with all of the local transit systems…to improve the customer experience and take to take the guesswork out of transit,” Parker said.

The program will also show routes for other area bus systems, such as Chapel Hill Transit, Durham Area Transit Authority, Triangle Transit, and N.C. State’s Wolfline.

“It’s convenient for riders so that they can better plans their trips, so if they’re out shopping and going out to lunch, you can tell through your phone when your bus is going to arrive, so you can better plan your trip,” Parker said.

Currently, N.C. State’s Wolfline and Chapel Hill Transit’s bus routes are the only ones available for viewing in real-time since September 15.

Parker said that Cary’s bus system is currently installing the GPS system into their buses and should be included on the site in January.

The preview application is currently available to a select group until the end of the week while the program is being worked on, and it will be available to the public on October 19.

Riders will be able to access the application through the GoTriangle website.

One thought on “Capital Area Transit Buses to GoLive

  1. Good to see it will finally be up and running. TransLoc is a pretty good company for them to be working with, since the company started as a result of an Master’s program project in the Engineering Department at NC State. I saw that CAT and Triangle Transit were being tested (apparently) over the summer while using the TransLoc app, that has been out for a couple of years, on my iPhone. But, then, all the local buses stopped showing up in the app after school started back in the Fall. I guess it was so that they could do their big unveiling this month.