Redmond Biggest Fundraiser, Not Biggest Spender

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Republican mayoral candidate Billie Redmond has raised more money in individual contributions this year than her two opponents combined. But contender Nancy McFarlane brought in the most, using her own money to significantly outspend Redmond and Randall Williams.

So far, Redmond has raised more than $110,000 in individual contributions.

Incumbent City Councilor McFarlane has raised more than $43,000 in contributions, not including more than $31,000 she donated to herself. That puts her total at more than $74,000. Williams has raised more than $24,000.

Despite the gap in fundraising, Redmond hasn’t spent the most money — and she hasn’t brought in the most money total. McFarlane’s campaign brought in more than $156,000 due to $70,000 in loans McFarlane made to her own campaign.

That $70,000 doesn’t include the more than $31,000 she donated to the campaign.

McFarlane has already spent $98,174 on the campaign. Redmond has spent $53,802. Williams spent far less: $1,526.

McFarlane has the option to pay herself back the $70,000 in loans with campaign donations. If her campaign ends in the negative, she also has the option of forgiving the loans.

She recently exercised that option, forgiving herself $40,000 in outstanding loans she had made to her City Council campaign committee.

Normally a person can only donate $4,000 to any one campaign. However, campaign finance law allows candidates and their immediate family members to donate as much as they want.

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