Updated Candidates List for City Council, School Board

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Filing for Raleigh City Council and Wake County School Board candidates began on July 25 and will end at noon Aug. 12. Here are the candidates who have filed as of Friday:

Raleigh City Council

Nancy L. McFarlane
Billie Jean Redmond
Randall W. Williams

At Large – 2 seats
Mary-Ann W. Baldwin
Russell G. Stephenson

District A
Randall Kent Stagner
Brian Joseph Tinga
Gale McKoy Wilkins

District B
John H. Odom

District C
Lent Christopher Carr II
Shelia Lucas Jones
Paul Francis Terrell III
Eugene Weeks

District D
Thomas G. Crowder

District E
Bonner Gardner Gaylord

Wake County School Board

District 3
Kevin L. Hill
Heather Rey Losurdo
Jennifer L. Mansfield

District 4
Keith A. Sutton
Venita Peyton

District 5
James D. (Jim) Martin
Cynthia Chiklis Matson

District 6
Christine C. Kushner
George W. Morgan Jr.

District 8
Susan P. Evans
Ronald A. Margiotta

Information provided by Wake County Board of Elections.

2 thoughts on “Updated Candidates List for City Council, School Board

  1. I think it is telling, and indicative of Raleigh’s general satisfaction with the direction the City is taking, that nobody filed to take on our two sitting At-Large councillors. Russ and Mary An deserve re-election. Glad they are going to get it.