Mapping Raleigh Tornado Damage

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Estimates from the city put the cost of the damage done by the April 16 tornado at just more than $115 million. More than 2,500 homes and businesses were damaged when the EF3 tornado swept through Raleigh.

The map below is compiled with data from the city. The inspections department went through the affected areas and surveyed buildings with any damage. This map is only based on initial data provided by the City of Raleigh, the status of individual properties can change as the damages are assessed and repairs get underway.

Zoom in to see damage to individual properties.

Gray: isolated damage
Yellow: minor damage
Red: major damage
Purple: destroyed

4 thoughts on “Mapping Raleigh Tornado Damage

  1. Is it possible to see this map in a larger window? Possible to access from google maps or google earth?
    Thank you for putting this information together.

  2. I hoovered over my neighborhood and saw that actually a few of the houses in my coltasack were marked wrong. So not all of these are correct.

  3. The data we received from the city is not perfect, but they collected it in the days just after the storm. I’m sure as the weeks roll along, they are getting better data.

    See our cleaned-up data set here:

    See anything specific that we should followup on? Please let us know. You can contact me directly with the Contact link at the top of the page.


    Charles C. Duncan Pardo
    Raleigh Public Record