Council update: bikes, taxis, parking and Krispy Kreme

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Several dozen cyclists rode their bikes to the Raleigh City Council this week to ask councilors to reconsider bicycle lanes for the renovated Hillsborough Street. Mayor Charles Meeker recognized the cyclists before calling the meeting to order and told them the council’s Public Works Committee would look into the issue.

The Hillsborough street bike lane issue came up again later in the meeting when the newly created Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission gave its first report to council. A representative from the commission asked council to open the issue for a public comment process.

The Public Works Committee could tackle the issue as early as next week.


Raleigh’s taxicab drives will have a new set of rules starting Nov. 8. Cab drivers are getting a new dress code. Under the new code, drivers can’t wear “short shorts,” mini skirts, short dresses, undershirts, t-shirts, tank tops or flip-flops.

Fees for cab drivers will be going up. The penalty for violating the taxicab ordinance will go from $50 to $100 for the first violation and will need to be paid in 15 days instead of 30. Drivers who break the ordinance three times in a year will have their license revoked.

Anyone with pending criminal charges will not be able to apply for a license to drive a taxi.

Front-yard parking

The new front-yard parking law will be delayed by 90 days. The Planning Commission asked council for a 120-day extension to continue developing the rule. The new ordinance will prohibit parking on front yards and limit the amount of space in front of homes that can be dedicated to parking.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

The Krispy Kreme Challenge will be getting a new route next year. Councilor Mary-Ann Baldwin pulled the race off of the street closures list because she says she had received complaints about blocking Peace Street. Council sent the street closure back to race organizers to come up with a different route.

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