City election candidate profiles

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Yard signs have started to go up in anticipation of Raleigh’s October 6 city election. The mayoral and all city council seats are up for grabs this year. Raleigh Public Record contributor Chrystal Bartlett sat down with each of the candidates and asked them the same set of questions:


Mark Enloe

Larry Hudson

Gregg Kunz

Charles Meeker (incumbent)


Mary-Ann Baldwin (incumbent)

Champ Claris

Lee Sartain

Bill Shakespeare

Russ Stephenson (incumbent)

District A

Nancy McFarlane (incumbent)

District B

Rodger Koopman (incumbent)

John Odom

District C

Chuck Reisinger

James West (incumbent)

District D

Thomas Crowder (incumbent)

Jerome Goldberg

Ted Van Dyk

District E

Bonner Gaylord

Waheed Haq

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