Candidate filing kicks off

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CORRECTION: The Raleigh Public Record erroneously spelled Raleigh City Council District D candidate Ted Van Dyk’s last name as Van Dyke. The article below has been corrected to reflect the correct spelling.

The Raleigh Public Record plans to live up to its name and make all candidate filings easy for voters to access. This will be the first of regular posts providing full text of candidate filings and financial disclosures, along with analysis, for Raleigh voters.

Candidates for the Raleigh City Council began filing Monday. As of noon Tuesday, filings from six candidates for mayor or city council seats were available for public review.

Mark Enloe has filed to run in the mayoral race against incumbent Charles Meeker. Enloe has not filed a financial disclosure yet, at least not one available for public review, but his initial candidate organization filing is available here. Meeker has said he plans to run again.

In the District D race, architect Ted Van Dyk filed papers to create an organization to run against another architect, incumbent Thomas Crowder. Van Dyk recently filed his first financial disclosure form for the new campaign committee.

As of the end of May, Van Dyk had donated $200 to his campaign and spent $85 on a post office box. There are no publicly available filings for Crowder this campaign period, but Van Dyk’s filing so far are available below.

Three people so far have filed papers with the county to run for the two at-large seats. Lee Sartain, Champ Claris and Jason Rogers have filed to run for the city-wide seats. Incumbents Russ Stephenson and Mary-Ann Baldwin have told the Raleigh Public Record that they plan to run again, but their filings for this election cycle are not yet available.

Jason Rogers has not yet filed a financial disclosure. But his initial filings are below.

Ricky Lee Sartain has filed his initial financial report, covering January 1 through the end of May. Sartain loaned his campaign $100, according to the filing below.

At-large candidate Champ Claris has filed his initial financial disclosure. Between January and the end of March, Claris had loaned his campaign $100 and donated a $164 website. He also spent $56 on operating expenses, leaving him with $44 in the bank. Read Claris’ filings here.

Charles Reisinger recently filed for the District C seat, see his initial candidacy papers here. Incumbent James West recently told the Raleigh Public Record that he plans to run again.

Raleigh Public Record contributor Chrystal Bartlett contributed reporting for this article.

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  1. Nice reporting, and thanks for posting reports. That is more the BoE is able to do. One note. These are campaign reports, and not the actual filing for office. Most of these candidates have yet to do that. They have until July 17 to do so. Give Crystal my best.