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View the current land use map below. The map is a large document, please allow extra time to load.

The Raleigh Planning Commission voted to not allow any more comments on the comprehensive plan’s future land use map at its meeting this week. The map will guide land use and zoning in the city’s long-term comprehensive plan.

The planning commission still has some comments to address with the map before settling on a final draft. The map, along with the entire plan, will go to city council for final approval this summer.

Planning Director Mitch Silver said during the commission’s meeting that they still plan to allow changes to the land use map for the first six months after the comprehensive plan is adopted.

Raleigh mayor Charles Meeker has said that passing the plan and implementing it is central in his campaign for reelection. The mayor and the entire city council are up for election in October.

The planning commission’s Committee of the Whole will meet again to continue deliberating on the comprehensive plan on June 4 at 9 a.m. in room 201 of the Municipal Building.

Read the planning commission’s recommended map changes here and here. And here are some of the major changes made to the map so far:

Union and Burke Squares

On the Public Review Draft of the Future Land Use Map, Union Square (site of the old Capitol Building) and Burke Square (site of the Governor’s Mansion) were both designated Public Facilities. Some members of the public commented that Public Parks and Open Space would be a more appropriate designation for Union Square based on how the square is currently used. Additionally, staff noted a mistake was made and Burke Square was mapped with the PPOS designation instead of Union Square. A citizen proposed that both squares should be mapped PPOS so as to uphold the spirit and intent of the original 1792 William Christmas plan for Raleigh.

Action: Amend the Future Land Use Map to designate Union Square (Capitol Building) for Public Parks and Open Space and to designate Burke Square (Governor’s Mansion) for Public Facilities.

Boylan Street to St. Mary’s Street; Peace Street to Hillsborough Street

The request is to change the entire area from Central Business District to Office & Residential Mixed Use to provide an adequate transition to the neighborhood on the east side of St. Mary’s Street.

Action: Amend the Future Land Use Map to designate only the properties currently located within the “North Boylan NCOD” as Neighborhood Retail Mixed-Use.

Falls of the Neuse and I-540

The parcels in question are currently designated as secondary watershed protection area in the Falls Lake Area Plan, and have been designated for Rural Residential uses on the draft Future Land Use Map. The request is to consider mapping Neighborhood Retail Mixed-Use on the southern portions of these properties, below the ridge line that forms the true border of the watershed area.

Action: The Falls Lake Area Plan will be amended to insert the following sentence after the first sentence on Page 347 of the Public Hearing Draft: “These roadways merely approximate the watershed boundary, which is subject to revision as more precise topographic data become available.”

Poole Road and Old Poole Road

The request concerns a parcel located on the south side of Poole Road east of Old Poole Road. The parcel is designated for moderate-density residential, and is adjacent to an area designated for Neighborhood Retail Mixed-Use. The request is to include this parcel in the Neighborhood Retail Mixed Use designation.

Action: Amend the Future Land Use Map to designate the parcel Neighborhood Retail Mixed-Use.

Future Land Use Map

CP-1(a)-09 2030 CP Certified Rec

CP-1(B)-09 2030 CP Certified Rec

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