Raleigh City Council Prepares Fracking Resolution

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It appears it isn’t just environmental and community groups who are wary about the possibility of hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina.

Raleigh’s City Council is working on a resolution requesting “no legislation in this field until the safety of the process can be established by the appropriate state agencies.”

There are two different drafts of the resolution, which were discussed briefly at the last council meeting May 1. One was prepared by the Raleigh City Attorney’s office and the other by District D Counselor Thomas Crowder.

The former draft portrays the issue in a much more negative light in regards to the environmental impact of fracking. The latter draft seems more concerned with the legislative and financial regulation of the practice. Read both below.

Both versions request further research into the issue and its potential impacts on NC.

The council will discuss the wording of the resolution at its next meeting Monday, May 14.

3 thoughts on “Raleigh City Council Prepares Fracking Resolution

  1. ???? Really???? Fracking in Raleigh…… Whats next – a resolution to develop an intergalactic defense system to protect the city??

    There are many, many, many more important things that are in dire need of attention – this is about as absurd as Wake Co Commisioners taking a stand on Amendment One….

  2. Really concerned? What is more important than your drinking water stay free of contaminants? Think about it.

  3. “Concerned” this is a real issue! Listen to NPR, watch the news, Google “NC fracking”. You’ll see. Fracking could be made legal in North Carolina by the General Assembly in the next few weeks. I live in a section of Lee County where leases have already been signed by landowners for natural gas drilling in anticipation of it becoming legal. This is real. At least Raleigh has some common sense to see what the NC House and Senate are trying to pull on us and they’re acting in advance.