News for May 1

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NC House Investigating Possibly Drunk Lawman

The Charlotte Observer reports that state Rep. Cary Allred, a Burlington Republican, denies any inappropriate behavior or being intoxicated.

Rental Registry in Raleigh

Beginning today, landlords can be fined $50 a day and up to $2,000 a month for not registering.  Above links to the N&O article, or you can read more on the City of Raleigh’s website.

Dinosaur Tissue Found by NCSU Professor

Tissue protiens were found in the femur of an 80 million-year-old duckbill dinosaur: the paper will appear today in the journal Science.

Bloods Gang Tries to Initiate Members by Beating the Disabled

N&O reporter Sarah Ovaska writes more about the two who face the death penalty and the three others who face contingent sentencing.

Rape Victim’s Privacy Compromised

WRAL reports that all of her information–including her Social Security Number and case details–was published online under the training materials section on the North Carolina Court System’s Office of Indigent Defense Services website.

Armed Robbery High Speed Chase

All suspects have been apprehended: details of the chase are on WRAL.

Probable Swine Flu in Wake County?

The Triangle Business Journal has the freaky story.

Who You Callin’ an Upstart?

Us, apparently.  Read all about us in a nice little story in the Independent Weekly.

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