News for April 30

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Don’t Take Anyone’s Word on Anything

The Independent Weekly tells you how it’s possible to imagine a watercourse, and thus screw up all sorts of things for a proposed charter school.

Recycle Those Things

You can get your phone books pulped for free!  The N&O tells you where and when and how.

Beltline Gets Exfoliated

Stimulus money will be put toward milling and resurfacing the beltline, according to NBC17.

Raleigh Physicians Take it Off

Their hair.  Shaving for MS, today at noon!  NBC17 tells you where to go if you want to watch and/or participate.

Car Madness Continues

Drivers in Raleigh continue to do stupid things.  A car crashed into a woman’s HOUSE.   Luckily, she’s ok; WRAL tells you more.

Pictures of Garland Jones Building Demolition

Goodnight Raleigh does it again.

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