News for April 28

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“Six Days in Fallujah” Canceled

Raleigh-based Atomic Games will not sell a game criticized as being in poor taste and insensitive. More information on WRAL.

Water Rates Rising, so Let’s Have a Waterfest!

They’ll be talking about wetlands, fishing, water safety, and just about everything regarding water.  NBC17 has no word about whether there will be wet t-shirt contests, though.


The Wall Street Journal‘s “Market Watch” reports that XO Communications announced the availability of its IP-based voice and data communications services to Raleigh businesses.

Maybe We Do, Maybe We Don’t

Have the swine flu, that is.  The N&O’s Sarah Avery reports that the number of suspected cases was fewer than 10, and health officials won’t say a word more until there are lab tests.

Raleigh Will be the Roundabout

Hillsborough Street Roundabout Project gets underway at an open house meeting today from 4 – 7 p.m.  Read the N&O article to find out where to go!

Wilmont Unfit for Human Habitation

Just too easy: Goodnight Raleigh has more.

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