News for April 14

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I Want My M(obile) TV

One more reason to ride the bus: WRAL reports that Raleigh has launched the first public deployment of mobile digital TV.

100 Jobs May be Eliminated in County Government

This may or may not mean layoffs for Wake County employees.  More on WRAL.

Juvenile Records May Become Accessible to Judges

WRAL tells you more about Senate Bill 984 .

Skate Park Restricts Personal Freedom

Raleigh skaters are upset about requisite permission slip and protection gear at the skate park.

Parking Police Crack Down

Bruce reports that, in Raliegh, free curbside parking is SO 20th century.

Have You Seen this Man?

ABC11 has posted a photo of the man that Raleigh police are looking for.

Office of Environmental Education May Be Eliminated

Sue Sturgis has more on Raleigh Eco News.

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