News for April 8

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‘Heinous’ Parking Deck is Finished

It may look like the bastille, but it houses over 900 cars: WRAL assures you that the deck on the site of former Kings Barcade (216 W. Cabarrus St) is complete.

Art Museum’s New Building is LEED-certified!

View paintings by natural light–pictures and details on WRAL.

Extortion at the DOT

WRAL reports that an excavation company gave a DOT engineer over $30,000 in kickbacks.

Raleigh Gets Low

Raleigh just got a permit for another “adult” club; it’s the first strip club since Thee Doll House opened in the early 1980s.  Also from WRAL.

Senate Votes on Budget Today

Laura Leslie breaks it down for you at Isaac Hunter’s Tavern.

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