Public hearings on tree conservation, floodplain rules July 20

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The Raleigh City Council has three public hearings on tap Tuesday, July 20. Councilors will hear public input on changing floodplain, tree conservation and stormwater drain funding rules and a new neighborhood overlay district for Cameron Park. The hearing will be at 6:30 p.m. in the city council chambers on the second floor of the municipal building at 222 W. Hargett St.

TC-4-10 Floodprone Area Regulations. Amends the City Code to increase restrictions for the development of property located within designated floodplain areas (Floodway Fringe and Future Conditions Flood Hazard Areas) by limiting uses and development to that currently permitted within the floodway area (i.e. parking, agriculture, recreation).

TC-5-10 Stormwater Replacement Fund.  Amends Raleigh City Code sections 10-5006(a)(11)d, 10-5007(c) and 10-9027(b)  to place the requirement for maintenance covenants for stormwater control facilities which serve more than one lot into one City Code section, 10-9027(b).  Repeals in its entirety City Code section 10-9027(c), and its requirement for a three-party stormwater contribution replacement agreement. Repeals section 10-9003(b) in its entirety relating to entities exempted from Part 10 Chapter 9 regulations.

TC-6-10 Tree Conservation Ordinance.  Based on a detailed review of the ordinance by the Tree Conservation Task Force, extensive amendments to the City’s Tree Conservation Ordinance, are proposed. Proposed changes include improvements in the flexibility and effectiveness of tree conservation, and, significant rewrites of Code sections on: pre-development tree protection (Tree disturbing activity except minor tree removal), tree cover requirements, delineation of tree conservation areas, documentation of tree conservation areas, and alternate means of compliance.  Portions of tree conservation areas previously accepted without any trees (i.e. greenways, stream buffers, Conservation Management areas) would require tree planting if established as tree conservation areas.  Tree conservation areas for Metro-Park Overlay District and the Conservation Management District are being clarified.  Incentives for conserving Heritage Trees (Shade Trees 24 dbh and greater) are proposed.

TC-7-10 Cameron Park NCOD. Proposes to amend the Built Environmental Characteristics and Regulations for the Cameron Park neighborhood regarding building height, setbacks for attached garages and vehicular surface areas.

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