Council candidates’ financial disclosures

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The mayor and every member of the city council are up for election in less than a week. Preparing for the October 6 election, the candidate who have raised money filed their last financial disclosures for the season last week. Read the full text disclosure reports below:


Charles Meeker (incumbent)

At large

Mary Ann Baldwin (incumbent)

Champ Claris

Lee Sartain

Russ Stephenson (incumbent)

District A

Nancy McFarlane (incumbent)

District B

Roger Koopman (incumbent)

John Odom

District C

James West (incumbent)

District D

Thomas Crowder (incumbent)

Ted Van Dyk

District E

Bonner Gaylord

Waheed Haq

There are multiple documents below for most of the candidates.

Still undecided? Read the Raleigh Public Record’s candidate profile series.

Charles Meeker (see the mayor’s earlier reports here)
meeker PE

Mary Ann Baldwin

Baldwin PE

Baldwin 35 Day

Champ Claris

claris PE

Claris 35 Day

Lee Sartain

sartain PE

Sartain 35 Day

Russ Stephenson

Stephenson PE

Stephenson 35 Day

Stephenson MY

Nancy McFarlane

mcfarlain PE

Mcfarlain 35d MY

Roger Koopman

Koopman PE 35d MY

John Odom

odom PE-35-day

James West

west PE-35d-MY

Thomas Crowder

crowder PE

Crowder 35d MY

Ted Van Dyk

Van Dyk PE

Van Dyk 35-day

Van Dyk MY

Bonner Gaylord

gaylord PE

gaylord 35d

Waheed Haq

haq PE-35d

One thought on “Council candidates’ financial disclosures

  1. 101 Lounge + Cafe would like to wish all the candidates that participated in Politcs 101 throughout the month of September good luck in the election October 6. We appreciate all of the candidates time spent answering questions and telling us their plans for Raleigh if elected. We also appreciate everyone that came out to meet the candidates and ask the questions that they wanted answered before casting their vote.

    Get out and vote on October 6! “All Politics is Local” and this election does count!

    Candidates that Participated in Politics 101:

    Rodger Koopman (Raleigh City Council – District B)
    Lee Sartain (Raleigh City Council – At-Large)
    Ted Van Dyk (Raleigh City Council – District D)
    Gregg Kunz (Raleigh Mayor)
    John Tedesco (Board of Education – District 2)
    Russ Stephenson (Raleigh City Council – At-Large)
    Charles Meeker (Raleigh Mayor)
    Mark Enloe (Raleigh Mayor)
    Larry Hudson (Raleigh Mayor)
    Mary-Ann Baldwin (Raleigh City Council – At-Large)
    Champ Claris (Raleigh City Council – At-Large)