Meeker’s financial disclosures

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Mayoral and city council candidates have filed their first round of financial disclosures for the year. These disclosures include how much money they’ve raised. If the donation is $100 or more, it includes who the money came from and where that person works. Meeker is the only candidate for mayor so far to disclose raising any money. His disclosure report is a long one, so it’s been split up into two documents below and they make take a minute or two to load. Stay tuned next week for full-text disclosure reports from every candidate running for city council.

But first, here are a few of the highlights and notable donations from Meeker’s report:

He raised more than $38,000.

District E candidate Bonner Gaylord gave $100

District D candidate Ted Van Dyk gave $100.

The Committee to Elect Russ Stephenson (At-large incumbent) gave $100.

Former Raleigh City Council member and now the state treasurer Janet Cowell’s campaign for the treasurer job gave $100.

Duane and Patricia Long, owners of Longistics, each donated $1,000. Other top donors include Roger Perry of East West Partners and Gregg Sandreuter of Hamilton Merritt both donated $1,000.

Charles Meeker Disclosure 1

Charles Meeker Disclosure 2

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  1. I keep listening to the news speak about public records so I have been looking around to read up on the topic. Thank you for your help!