Terrorism Indictment

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The Sunshine Weekly is a new column from the Raleigh Public Record. The idea here is to make public records requests and publish the documents that come out of the requests full text on our website. This is where you come in. What do you want to know from your government? We will request documents from city, county, state and federal departments, the only catch is that it needs to be related to Raleigh in some fashion. But we will do the legwork.

Federal authorities arrested seven people yesterday on terrorism charges. Read the full indictment below. The US Attorney’s Office unsealed the indictment yesterday. One of the names has been redacted throughout the indictment, that is the one suspect in this case who has not yet been arrested.

The indictment says lead defendant Daniel Patrick Boyd, of Willow Springs, trained with the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1989 and fought against the Soviet occupation of that country until 1992.

The eight men, according to the indictment, bought guns and trained in military tactics in Caswell County. The indictment also says that some of the men traveled to Pakistan, Kosovo and Gaza to fight in what US Attorney George Holding calls “violent jihad.”

Boyd Indictment

One thought on “Terrorism Indictment

  1. didnt this guy forfeit his US citizenship by fighting for a foreign entity?…
    if he likes afgans and islam so much let him stay THERE as a average afgan citizen and take his citizenship away along with his US passport!!

    considering the way he and his club of non-american buddies fly to terror hotspots to fight, IT REALLY SOUNDS LIKE WE HAVE A IMMIGRATION (lack of enforcement) PROBLEM.. not a terror problem..

    WHY was this guy ever allowed to return to the usa AS A FULL CITIZEN after CHOOSING to go fight for third-party states?? Why are Kosovo terrorists allowed to fly into the USA at will??

    I am not comforted by the govts ‘enforcement’ as it sounds like its basically decades late, and after the fact..

    this man and all of his friends SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN THE USA TO BEGIN WITH.. LET HIM HANG DRYWALL IN AFGANSITAN, if he is willing to fight for them and adopt their culture- he has no business in the USA now, and the govt is pathetic in failing to stop the flow of immigrants that bring this terror,

    STOP THEM FROM COMING IN THE FIRST PLACE..DONT ASSURE ME THAT YOU ”WATCHED THEM buy guns for many years”- this is insane!!