First Friday photo essay

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Correction appended: The caption for the Fish Market photograph incorrectly said that NC State’s design students put on the art show to raise awareness about breast cancer. NC State’s design school did not put the show together.

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Taking a break in Moore Square. Photo by Carolina Cardona


Kaci Torres (top) and Katie Magee (bottom) are the two acrobatic performers for Acroentertainment, an acrobatic, dance, juggling company. This First Friday they set up camp on the southwest corner of Moore Square to show off their skills in exchange for applause and tips. Photo by Carolina Cardona.


People gather for drinks and socialing in the gallery housed in the front room of the Design Box on Martin Street. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


A fire engine dispatches from the downtown fire station on Dawson Street early in the evening. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


Two men have a discussion while sitting inside the Point of View gallery on Glenwood Avenue. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


A mother and son check out the seriously old photography equipment at the Raleigh City Museum. Photo by Carlee Mallard.


Pedro, a Duck & Dumpling kitchen staffer, shows off for the camera as he prepares the photographer's meal. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


A table of half-consumed beverages at Edge Office on Glenwood Avenue. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


A man traverses Glenwood Avenue via bicycle. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


A First Friday patron studies a series of photographs at the Fish Market gallery. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


Kitchen staff at the Raleigh Times cranking out food as the late night crowd starts rolling in. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


The new R-Line waits to shuttle people across downtown. Photo by Steve Bernacki.


When the pedestrian crosswalk signals, 8 Wheelz (a group of former figure skaters) rushes into the street on their roller blades and just goes crazy. They race across the street, jump, twirl, yell and count down until it signals "Don't Walk", when they retreat back to the sidewalk. Photo by Carlee Mallard.

A barber at Nicholson's Barber and Style Shop hangs out after hours to watch the First Friday spectacle. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


An employee staffing the beer counter at the Morning Times laughs at a friend's joke during a lull. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


8 Wheelz, a group of former figure skaters who promote alternative transportation, take a break from skating around downtown at the Fish Market gallery. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


Not all the artists out on First Friday have a space of their own to show their art. One of those artists is Dale Edwards aka Distortion Studios, who was using the R-Line as his gallery this month. We found him walking around the bus with a 3-ring-binder filled with photographs of the work he creates. Dale reuses unique tires and hubcaps from expensive cars and turns them into anything from a clock to a coffee table. Photo by Carlee Mallard.


A bartender at the Landmark hurriedly makes drinks for the swelling crowd. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


Remedy Diner waitress Kelly takes a smoke break late in the evening. Photo by Ana Duncan Pardo.


A bartender (and his ghost) hustle to get drinks in patrons' hands at Five Star Chinese Restaurant towards the end of the night. Photo by C. Duncan Pardo.

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  1. This is for 8 Wheelz – I work for a TDM/ Alternative transportation organization. We would love to have you at an event for the Smart Commute Challenge. Please post your contact information. Thanks!