Bonner Gaylord

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Bonner Gardner Gaylord
District E challenger
Age: 31
Address: 3710 Rolston Drive
Hometown: Raleigh
How long Have you lived in Raleigh?

Basically my whole life, except for college at UNC.

What brought you to Raleigh?

I found work here after college.

In two to three sentences, please share something that you believe the City of Raleigh does well.

I think we attract job seekers, we attract families, we score very well on national top 10 lists and we do a good job marketing ourselves as a destination location to the broader community and the state and the United States.

In two to three sentences, please share one thing that you believe the City of Raleigh could improve upon or change.

I think we could work more effectively with our neighbors. Implement better regional plans and processes, I think we could be more friendly to the business community and attract more jobs.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding public transit in the City of Raleigh.

I think public transit is critical. It’s critical for business attraction, It’s critical for allowing everyone access to places of work and access throughout the city. And it’s important in order to alleviate traffic that we utilize all methods of transportation and provide infrastructure for vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian and public mass transit.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding growth management in the City of Raleigh.

I think we’ve got to grow up and not out. We’ve got to focus our growth in specific nodes around the city that are designated for much higher density and we’ve got to stop sprawl at the fringe.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding crime control in the City of Raleigh.

Our public safety officers are an important asset to the city and their contributions often go unheralded. It’s important that we support them and we continue to keep Raleigh the safe city that it traditionally has been. Otherwise everything we’ve built will fall apart.

Now, we would like to hear your position on two issues that were not previously mentioned, but that you think are important to the voters in the City of Raleigh. You tell us the issue and then give us two to three sentences about your position on the issue.

I think job creation. We’ve seen unemployment creep higher and higher. We’ve got people who are moving to this area because they are hoping for or expecting a job. We’ve got to lock arms with the business community and work to create opportunities for small business growth and job creation.

Healthy neighborhoods. And by that I mean structurally developed in a healthy fashion. We’ve got many neighborhoods, many, many neighborhoods without sidewalks, without opportunities for bicyclists, and with schools that are disconnected from neighborhoods by major thoroughfares. We’ve got to provide opportunities physical activity, for safe recreation and for families and individuals to get out and be able to recreate on parks, greenways, sidewalks in a safe fashion.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

I could easily eat a whole quart of ice cream, and have.

Any particular flavor?



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