Local Journalism Needs Your Support

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What would happen if you woke up Aug. 1 and Raleigh Public Record wasn’t here anymore? Who would give another voice to local news coverage? Who would be on the ground everyday giving Raleigh the dedicated coverage it deserves? Who would go cover the exciting things like Planning Commission?

As you many have heard, I am planning to step down from my position with Raleigh Public Record in the next month. Six years ago this September we began covering Raleigh, and it’s only been possible because of your support. It’s been an amazing experience, but it is time for me to hand the Record off to new leadership so the organization can continue to grow and evolve. 

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Charles C. Duncan

We need your help to pay the new editors a living wage. If we can’t, we will have to wind down our work here.

The entire idea behind the Record is that if we are going to be successful, the community has to have our back. We need all our regular readers to chip in and sign up to donate $10 a month. If we can find 1,000 people to donate an average or $10 a month, we will be sustainable and we can continue to grow our news operations and our efforts to cover every neighborhood in this wonderful city.

If just 500 of you sign up to chip in that ten bucks a month, we can and will make it work. We want to continue to cover this city with our own brand of local journalism, and now is the time for you to help us make that happen.

In case you haven’t heard already, we’re hosting a fancy black tie party at Zinda on July 19. All our donors will get an invitation to come join us. Assuming we’re successful with this fundraising push, we plan to announce the new editors that night. It’ll be a great time and you won’t want to miss it.


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